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  • Biometrics, Physical Access Control & Convergence

    Despite a seemingly constant call for convergence from IT professionals, physical access control systems that are joined with logical access control systems are still hard to find. But why? Well, the answer seems to lie in the struggle between IT… Read More

  • Human Error: A Common Cause of Security Breaches

    According to the CompTIA’s 10th Annual Information Security Trends study, human error was cited by companies as a common cause of security breaches for the 10th year in a row. However, unlike the previous nine years of the study this… Read More

  • Better Manage Visitors at your Healthcare Facility

    Healthcare facilities face a set of challenges unique to their industry, especially when it comes to successfully managing visitors. Unlike other facility administrators, those in the healthcare industry must manage high volumes of visitors, extended hours, and visitors who simply… Read More

  • Video Analytics: Security Dreams finally become Reality

    Until recently, actionable video analytics had been little more than a security operator’s dream. The technology just was not there to produce the desired results. However, as technology has improved and those dreams began to come down to Earth, the… Read More

  • Centralized Management of Security Systems: Remote Monitoring & Control

    The centralized management of security systems is nothing new for large corporations. These companies have been utilizing remote monitoring and control for everything from access control to video surveillance and more for quite some time. But until recently, such a… Read More