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  • The Challenges and Benefits of Updating Large Hospital Security Systems

    Large-scale hospital facilities present unique challenges when it comes to updating security networks. Yet because many of these facilities rely on outdated legacy analog surveillance system, they can often benefit significantly from upgrading to innovative IP-based security solutions. Learn more… Read More

  • Cloud-Hosted Video Verification Systems Offer Many Security Benefits

    Video verification provides security managers with a powerful tool to mitigate risk and capture vital information on pertinent security threats. With the addition of cloud hosting, video verification has become an incredibly powerful tool with the potential to transform your… Read More

  • Integrated Key Control and Management Crucial for Physical Safety

    As security threats become more nuanced and complex, organizations and institutions with high security risks are now beginning to require integrated access control solutions that leave little room for user error. In this week’s blog, we explore technologies that are… Read More

  • New Generation of Access Control Can Bolster Security

    Over the past few decades, physical access control solutions (PACS) have remained virtually unchanged. PACS are designed to prevent unauthorized user access and also play an important role in responses to incidents and emergencies. The main function of the system,… Read More