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  • Why are Biometrics an Effective Security Measure?

      When you put security measures in place, you want to make sure that you are using the most updated and effective measures, right? Biometrics are offering exactly that. This technology isn’t new, but it is proving to be exceptionally… Read More

  • Modern Surveillance Poses New Challenges

      Back in the old days, security cameras operated on a closed circuit. The biggest threats to their operations were being stolen or one of them going offline. However, many retailers and other businesses no longer use closed circuit security… Read More

  • Remote Security for Remote Facilities

    Sometimes, companies have a facility that is far away from their headquarters. For companies that drill oil, there are often a great many locations throughout the world that they need to communicate with and secure. But how can you go… Read More

  • Considering Security in Healthcare Facilities

      The healthcare industry is brimming with a need for security systems. Not only are there a great many incredibly valuable machines, there are also vulnerable parties that need protecting. Prescription drugs are also something that needs to be secure… Read More

  • Video Monitoring Systems (VMS) and Your Business

      Brick and mortar stores are having an increasing difficulty competing with online retailers. They find themselves not understanding how their customers shop, not utilizing high traffic times, and just being left in the dust. However, with the use of… Read More