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  • Smart Phones Are Transforming Security

      Security is changing a lot these days, and it’s only going to continue to change as technology continues to evolve. Smart phones have come a long way since the little flip phone that could tell you the weather. Now… Read More

  • Cloud Security Trends in 2016

      The Cloud may be one of the single most wonderful things to come out in terms of data storage. Not only is cloud storage easy to use, it is exceptionally cost effective. These traits make it very appealing to… Read More

  • Managing Multi-Site Video Security

      Many companies don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to secure, deploy, and integrate their IP camera systems. They simply look for things that will meet their needs. This is a dangerous way of thinking and operating,… Read More

  • Integrating Video Surveillance Technology into The Cloud

      The cloud is a wonderful and expansive storage tool that you are probably quite familiar with. It holds all sorts of useful files for you and your company, but did you know that you can also add your video… Read More

  • Get Connected With Emerging Technologies in Your Campus

      Campus security is a highly valued market with needs that grow every year. Within your campus’s network, you will find an IoT (Internet of Things.) The IoT is an ever growing network of devices that meet your security needs…. Read More