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  • The Human Side Of Security: Threats And Considerations For The New Workforce

    As an industry, security has focused more on external threats in general. In fact, some data breaches happen regularly that caution businesses to secure their data to avoid these hacking schemes. However, as businesses grow and mobility increases, obtaining necessary… Read More

  • Broader Access Control Configuration

    ONVIF, the world’s leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, has just announced a new and final release of its Profile A. With a brand-new configuration, access control systems can now be broadened. The Profile A configuration provides… Read More

  • What Lies Ahead Within The Security Industry?

    At the last Milestone Integration Platform Symposium, there was a panel discussing the future of video surveillance. What was so fascinating was how the integration of technology was being discussed seemingly everywhere. In fact, from a camera standpoint, integrating technologies… Read More

  • The Top Security Tips For Medical Facilities

    Being able to protect the most vulnerable people is important to all medical facilities such as hospitals and other health care practices. In fact, hospitals and medical centers face a number of factors that can hinder the security and safety… Read More