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  • Smoke and Fire Sprinkler Systems

    When it’s time to inspect and maintain fire sprinkler systems, you want to make sure they are functional. If your fire sprinklers aren’t working, then they won’t be about to put out any fires that break out in your building…. Read More

  • Security Technology Helps Enhance School Safety

    When you are in charge of a school district, you must do everything you can to ensure school safety. One way that schools can improve their security is through the use of technology. If there are any potential vulnerabilities in… Read More

  • Tips for Making Emergency Announcements At Your Business or School

    Even though we are well into the summertime, businesses remain open year round unless there is some downtime due to technical difficulties or federal holidays. Likewise, just because schools are on summer vacation does not mean that they are empty…. Read More

  • Using Technology to Ensure Security for Your Business

    Making sure your place of business is as secure as possible must be one of your main priorities. As we have seen in the news, high profile security incidents at various commercial properties have proven that protecting your employees and… Read More

  • How to Ensure Your Access Control Remains Secure

    Access control is a critical element of increasing the security of your building. Whether it’s on a school campus, located in a business park, or is part of a government facility, your building needs to be as secure as possible… Read More