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  • Hospital Security: How to Overcome Your Emergency Department’s Security Challenges

    Ensuring the security of your hospital is always important. However, with so many medical facilities overburdened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital security teams and measures are often stretched to their breaking point. Numerous challenges need to be met and… Read More

  • Tremendous Advances in COVID-19 Contact Tracing

    One of the newest safety measures put in place during the pandemic has been the development of contact tracing. Fortior Solutions has introduced a new program designed to get notifications tracking potential infection sites. It’s patent-pending, but the announcement is… Read More

  • A Brief Look at Two Factor Authentication

    There is no question of how important passwords are. They are the simplest methods to secure data and ensure network security, whether internal or external. Your business thrives on data, no matter what industry you belong to, and data backups… Read More

  • School Reopenings: Johns Hopkins’ Policy Tracker

    Early August is usually when back to school season is in full swing. However, as the new school year approaches, it, unfortunately, won’t be business, as usual, this time around. Many schools are likely going to continue online education and… Read More