Nurse Call & Emergency Call

nurse_call_emergency_call_systemsGood design, expert installation and proper service always matter. And perhaps nowhere do they matter more than in nurse call and emergency call systems. At ARK, we proudly apply our expertise to getting it right.

We can show you the very latest in distress call technology, from wireless devices, pendants, bed alarms, bathroom pull cords, panic buttons, patient tracking and more. And we can implement it effectively to meet your needs, whether hardwired to IP-based, whether stand-alone or integrated into what you have already. ARK is the expert.

Today, you can even direct the calls to where you need them most, such as pagers, cell phones and video monitors just to name a few examples. Let ARK show you how.

We’ve handled 1800-resident apartments, college campuses, ICUs, transit systems, Alzheimer units and more. Wherever experience and skill matter most, ARK has been there.