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Commercial Mobile Alert System


The Commercial Mobile Alert System, otherwise known as the CMAS, is said to go into effect in 2012. According to this article, this system is supposed to eliminate the throughput/ network traffic challenges that are caused by many SMS solutions.  This communication will allow users to receive emergency alerts through their wireless phones.  This technology has been in use in Europe and Japan for years. The first version of this system will only allow messages with 90 characters or less.  Therefore the content of the messages will probably be limited.

According to FEMA, under the rules adopted by the FCC:

  • “The CMAS would consist of an end-to-end system by which an alert aggregator/gateway would receive, authenticate, validate and format federal, state, tribal and local alerts and then forward them to the appropriate commercial mobile service (CMS) provider gateway. The CMS provider gateway and associated infrastructure would process the alerts and transmit them to subscriber handsets.
  • “Subscribers could receive up to three classes of text-based alerts (i.e., Presidential, Imminent Threat (e.g., tornado) and Amber Alerts).
  • “Subscribers would automatically receive these alerts if they have a CMAS-compatible handset. No subscriber opt-in requirements.
  • “To ensure that people with disabilities have access to alerts, CMS providers must provide a unique audio attention signal and vibration cadence on CMAS-compatible handsets.
  • “CMS providers generally must transmit alerts to areas no larger than the targeted county. However, CMS providers may transmit to areas smaller than the county if they choose to do so.
  • “Subscribers receiving services pursuant to a roaming agreement will receive alert messages if: (1) the operator of the roamed upon network is a participating CMS provider; and (2) the subscriber’s mobile device is configured for and technically capable of receiving alert messages from the roamed-upon network.
  • “CMAS messages will not pre-empt calls in progress.”

Most large carriers will be supporting the CMAS. For any questions about CMAS or other communications needs contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

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