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Media Retrieval

Media RetrievalARK is one of the largest national distributors of leading fire alarm brands. Our technicians and engineers are certified, we’re a UL approved contractor with separate crews for testing and certification, and we offer some of the very best service in the fire alarm industry, 24-hours a day. ARK skillfully combines the very latest technology with over 30 years’ experience in the life safety industry.

When you hire ARK, you’ve hired the expert. The one that can do it all.

ARK is already an experienced contractor in the cutting-edge field of Media Retrieval Systems. Many top institutions have turned to ARK for their systems.

Whether you’re well-versed in media retrieval technology, or can’t even imagine all that’s possible today, ARK is the perfect company to call. We represent leading media equipment manufacturers. We know what’s here, we know what’s coming, and we’re experts at connecting it to what you already have.

And we’ll do it with your specific requirements in mind. Highest function? Lowest cost? More options? More simplicity? ARK can design, install and service the perfect media retrieval system for you, then seamlessly connect it to your existing IP or cable TV system, or design it to stand alone if that’s what you need.

See for yourself what that kind of experience can mean for you and your organization.

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