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Wireless Solutions

Wireless SolutionsFor almost everything you need in terms of data, voice, video, security, intercom and more, there’s a wireless solution that can get the job done. Quite often, for less money, and with added flexibility. ARK can make it work for you.

Put security right where you need it without having to run wires. Give your people wireless access campus-wide. Transmit voice and video wirelessly, across the room or across the region.

From one device to one thousand, point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multi-point (PTMP). We can work with the solution that best suites your needs, including microwave, and 802.11 A, B or G. And we can seamlessly connect it with what you already have in place.

In the field of SCADA systems, ARK is a highly experienced contractor, providing water treatment plants with powerful wireless solutions.

Wireless changes everything. And so does experience. ARK is proud to offer you both.

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