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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance SignOur Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) options are more impressive than ever. That’s why finding the right contractor is more crucial than ever, to assess what you need, to nail the design, and to properly install, monitor and service your CCTV system. That contractor is ARK.

From one camera to multi-camera. Baseband, digital, or IP (installed on your data network). Wireless systems. Covert cameras. Infra-red. Remote viewing and archiving. ARK handles it all, with skill and experience.

We’ll help you determine your archiving needs, from VCRs to multi-terabyte digital storage capability. And we’ll expertly monitor your system’s network utilization, to keep your CCTV from overwhelming your bandwidth.

We’re the experts at meshing with your legacy systems and integrating your CCTV into your access control and even your fire solutions.

No matter how many options are out there, you still need the right one. Start by opting for the contractor with over 30 years’ experience.

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