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Community College Uses Avigilon Security Camera Technology

Security is of critical importance on college campuses, where the safety of thousands of students and staff is at stake every day. Video surveillance cameras provide an eye in the sky that covers the vast interior and exterior spaces of college campuses. And with new technology, video surveillance is no longer just a static eye, it’s an active component in a security system. Cameras can alert operators to suspicious activity, detect the presence of unauthorized personnel in restricted areas, or use facial recognition software to detect the presence of persons who are not allowed on campus. And that’s just a few of the many ways surveillance cameras take an active role in security.

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Des Moines Area Community College recently installed a comprehensive Avigilon high-definition surveillance system on its campus. The system, which will see additional camera and equipment installations in upcoming years, covers 6 campuses made up of 48 total buildings, for a total coverage area of 1.4 million square feet. Nearly 75,000 students and 3,000 staff make use of these facilities.

Every college in America is required to report crime data annually. The new Avigilon surveillance system not only makes this job easier, but serves as an important deterrent for would be thieves, vandals, or other individuals with criminal intent on campus.

The college’s current video surveillance infrastructure includes:

  • 45 Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1 to 16 megapixels.
  • Avigilon Control Centrol network video management software with High-Definition Stream Management technology.
  • 25 Avigilon analog video encoders to improve the performance of pre-existing analog cameras on campus.
  • 400 additional cameras to be installed over the next few years.

A few examples of what the college uses its new video surveillance system for include:

  • Resolving liability claims
  • Improving campus traffic flow
  • Ensure proper campus maintenance
  • Reducing crime

Security Today notes that “Leveraging the advanced management features of Avigilon Control Center software, DMACC can find event details 10 times faster than before…By recommending a system configuration that better met DMACC’s needs, Avigilon met image quality requirements and reduced system costs by 15 percent. With no recurring licensing fees, Avigilon saves the College $12,000 annually.”


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