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Help Alert: The Wireless Staff Duress Solution

There are certain schools in this country that provide an alternative education program known as the Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY). This program is designed to help students who are consistently disruptive or those who could benefit from emotional support during their education. These programs have delicate environments with the potential for highly disruptive or even dangerous situations. Staff members are trained in de-escalation techniques to help with this issue, but without proper communication, serious issues can arise.

help alert

The Help Alert System can provide support to staff members in escalating situations.


What is Help Alert?

By implementing the use of wireless, mobile Help Alert pendants, staff members have the opportunity to communicate silently and effectively. With the click of a button, intervention assistance will be on the way to deescalate a disruption or provide medical assistance. There is no need to invest in a costly infrastructure to enjoy the full benefit of Help Alert. All a team needs to use Help Alert is wi-fi, which most schools already have. Furthermore, the pendants are battery operated and mobile for ease of use. Once the button on the pendant is pressed, a message is sent through the wi-fi to the proper people. The people notified know exactly where to find the person who sent the message because of the amazing location finding technology.

The Help Alert solution utilizes a fantastic location engine that integrates into pre-existing wi-fi network. It works with the school’s access points, wireless reference tags, and the pendants themselves to create an amazing system for solving staff duress.

What is the benefit of Help Alert?

The Help Alert system works to make school a safe place where children can learn whether they have disruptive tendencies or not. School should be a place where children feel safe, and in an AEDY environment, that safety may seem delicate. With the Help Alert solution in place, staff and students can relax and take full advantage of the learning environment without needing to worry about the threat of a major disruption getting out of hand.

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