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Learning the Language of Analog HD Cameras

Analog HD cameras have only recently appeared on the market, but they were conceived of several years ago. The idea for analog HD came about as IP cameras began to pick up market share, as they were easily able to outperform analog cameras in terms of performance. The only drawbacks to IP video were the expense of the cameras themselves and the difficulty of installation.

Now, analog cameras are finally starting to come online. They offer good HD image quality at a cost lower than 960H products. Of course, there are still plenty of advantages of IP video, but if you’re looking for a more affordable option with HD quality, HD analog cameras are worthy of your consideration.

However, there’s one aspect of HD cameras on which consumers are getting hung up: the language of analog HD. Specifically, all of the abbreviations used to refer to various analog HD cameras and setups. TVI, CVI, AHD, SDI, and SDIv2, are all abbreviations you will see in the world of analog HD. But what do they all mean? Learn everything you need to know in our blog.


Is TVI the future of analog HD cameras?

The Language of Analog HD

CVI and TVI – Composite Video Interface and Transport Video Interface

CVI and TVI are the two most common HD analog technologies. Recently, manufacturers have been gravitating more towards TVI cameras, and a decreasing focus on CVI means TVI may become the dominant technology of the two. Both CVI and TVI offer 720P and 1080P image quality, as well as “extended transmission distances on coaxial cable and remote control of key camera functions on most.”

AHD – Analog High Definition

AHD is currently not widely available, does not have as many features as CVI and TVI, and is only available in 720P.

SDI and SDIv2 – Serial Digital Interface

Serial digital interface has a few supporters, but many have jumped to CVI and TVI devices, which have more features.


It’s important to note that none of these technologies work with each other, and all require their own DVR.

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