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SD-WAN Gives Way to Seamless Connectivity


sd-wan technology in action

Find out how an SD-WAN network can help you get connected.

In an ideal scenario, digital security and physical security are working in tandem. They help each other to provide seamless security solutions that allow for a much more secure environment on the whole. Today we’re going to be talking about SD-WAN technology and what it can do for your physical security applications. Let’s take a look.

What is SD-WAN technology?

SD-WAN is defined as Software-Defined Wide Area Networking technology. This software allows for a higher rate of connectivity among your security devices. Originally, it was intended for use within high performance data centers for its ability to create a highly connected and flexible environment in the context of an IT-based system. An SD-WAN network is creating by binding several smaller, less powerful wireless connections to create one large “bonded” connection. This bonded connection will create a much more efficient, resilient, and powerful network for your devices to use that will come at a much lower price point than that of a more sophisticated connection.

What can SD-WAN technology do for your security environment?

One of the most practical uses for a highly connective software element lies within video surveillance. Consider how often you may find yourself needing connectivity between several different sites and the multitude of cameras that need to be monitored. An SD-WAN network can assist in helping you to keep track of even a single site if there are lots of cameras. You can use this network to consolidate your resources for monitoring, but the usefulness goes beyond that. You can also place cameras in locations that previously could not be reached by using physical wires.  As we continue to integrate physical security features into network security features, more and more attention to your network’s viability is going to become much more important. Give your security system the chance to succeed with the power of an SD-WAN network.


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