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The Importance of Training for Security End Users

Recent advances in technology have brought facility security into the 21st century. No longer are proprietary, cumbersome, and inflexible analog systems the norm. With IP network technology, security cameras are better integrated into building automation, providing superior image quality, and allowing security personnel for more opportunities to access footage with mobile devices and cloud hosting. It’s safe to say that the new security paradigm is no longer closed circuit, but wide open.


With all this new technology comes a learning curve. And though it’s not as steep as one might expect, it’s still important to learn how to use the system to its full potential in order to maximize the benefits received. To this end, security companies such as Pelco offer extensive training programs meant to educate their end users on using new security technology. The company offers training at its main campus in Clovis, California, as well as at 12 centers around the world, available for free for gold and platinum customers. Onsite training is also available for a charge, and the company also provides a wealth of online resources such as video courses, podcasts and an eLearning library. Using these resources, end users are bringing their knowledge of video security up to speed in the fast-paced 21st century.


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