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The Latest in Biometrics Technology

Biometrics technology has improved significantly over the course of the past decade. Today’s biometric systems are highly accurate, with a very low risk of a false negative identification. And as technology has improved, prices have come down, leading more and more security consumers to adopt biometrics as a real-world solution. Consider the fact that smartphones and computers manufactured on a large scale now employ biometric technology, and its not hard to see that biometrics are fast becoming an indispensable security solution. Learn more about the latest in biometrics in our blog.


Iris enrollment and verification technology.

The Latest in Biometrics Technology

Facial Recognition: Iris Enrollment and Verification, and Stand-off Dual Capture

Facial recognition technology is incredibly accurate, and has the benefit of being a touch-free solution.

Iris enrollment and verification is the process of taking a photo of the iris and scanning it into a database. There are a number of advantages to this biometrics modality.

  • The shape of the iris is predictable and stable.
  • Iris recognition systems are touch-free.
  • Photographs can be taken from up to 3 meters away with high resolution cameras.
  • Iris templates are very difficult to reverse engineer to the original photo of the face, which helps protect privacy concerns.

Stand-off dual capture is the photographing of the iris and the face.

  • Adds another layer of security.
  • Can be done in seconds.
  • Results are cross-checked against a database and restored almost instantly.

Fingerprint Recognition

  • Contactless fingerprint capture solutions are now available.
  • Capture can take place in less than a second.
  • Capture can take place while the person is on the move, reducing bottlenecks.

Multi-Modal Biometrics

On their own, these biotmetric systems are all powerful security tools. But functioning together as a multi-modal biometric system, they offer an even stronger security solution. Individually the margin for error on any one solution is very small. Together, this margin becomes so small as to be almost incapable of a false negative identification.

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