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Cloud Security Trends in 2016


cloud security

Cloud security essentials are starting to come together.

The Cloud may be one of the single most wonderful things to come out in terms of data storage. Not only is cloud storage easy to use, it is exceptionally cost effective. These traits make it very appealing to many businesses and pedestrian consumers alike. The problem is that security solutions are not always in the forefront of vendor minds, which give hackers and malware developers somewhat of an edge. Let’s take a look at cloud security trends of the year.

Cloud security is just as important as any other type of cybersecurity.

Because cloud technology is relatively new, there aren’t as many security-minded protocols in place for it. Unfortunately, hackers are always moving forward and, though infrastructure is having a hard time keeping up, malicious-minded folks are still launching attacks. Through the use of various malware types both brute force and vulnerability scans, your cloud’s data could be compromised. It is deeply important that you take the same level of security measures for your cloud that you take for your in house networks. For example, the use of strong passwords and two-step authentication when available are two great ways to stay on top of your cloud security.

Specifically designed cloud security is on the way.

Cloud security solutions are on the way and these solutions will be specifically tailored to work with cloud resources. The solutions will enable cloud security to be as automated as possible with the ability to scale to adjusting requirements. With this will come cloud security threat analytics so that cloud host companies and cloud users will be able to assess their environments for potential threats. The key with this item is to understand what threats are coming through cloud networks currently and how those threats will change and diversify over time.

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