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Managing Multi-Site Video Security



How are you handling your multi-site video security?

Many companies don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to secure, deploy, and integrate their IP camera systems. They simply look for things that will meet their needs. This is a dangerous way of thinking and operating, as the cameras will be picking up very sensitive data. You need to make sure that your data is kept safe. Today we’re going to be talking about how to handle multi-site surveillance security. Let’s take a look.

Multiple entryways create complications for your security.

With every new user come a whole host of potential threats. When you have multi-site video surveillance, you also usually have one centralized location for viewing the information stored on your IP cameras. When the information is exported, it needs to be handled cautiously to avoid a leak. For example, you should make sure to record the exportation events so that, if there is a breach, you can examine the moments where it might have taken place. You should also limit the use of tablets and smartphones in areas where the security data is viewed and handled to cut down on the possibility of recordings. You should also make sure that your system has a formal method of authentication so that you can control which members of your staff have access to each level of your data. During an emergency, you can set it up to give priority to senior staff members so that you can keep the situation well in hand.

Physical security cannot be forgotten.

Sometimes the easiest way to get into something is to simply walk up to it and plug in. Though this method might seem far-fetched in our digital world, hackers still do it if they have no other option. You should create dedicated lines for your IP camera system that is only used for its one, dedicated purpose. This will help you keep the data you need to secure from being accessed because you have a highly monitored channel.

How will you handle your multi-site video security? We can help you figure that out.

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