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5 Proactive Ways to Address the Threat of Active Shooters

It seems like an unfortunate fact of life that active shooters are becoming more prominent. These incidents often lead to tragedies, although sometimes the shooters are foiled before they can cause any harm. Every school, business, and public organization can benefit from preparing for active shooter situations. Here are some suggestions on how to do that. 

5 Proactive Ways to Address the Threat of Active Shooters
It seems like an unfortunate fact of life that active shooters are becoming more prominent.

Find the Best-Fit Security System 

Even if nothing has happened yet, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future. One proactive approach is to install new security systems or have existing ones upgraded. One system to consider is two-factor authentication for doors and other sensitive access points. Swiping a key card and then putting in an access code is one way to help secure classrooms, conference rooms, and exercise rooms – anywhere large numbers of people tend to congregate. Either way, you need to find the one that is the most appropriate for the setting you are in – for instance, school administrators, staff, and faculty should do everything they can to keep everyone safe without disrupting the learning environment. These circumstances can make students more anxious and cause them to lose focus on their studies.

Recognize the Possibility of False Alarms 

False alarms can and will happen. This is perhaps one of the most significant flaws in any security system. However, when you realize that these problems are inevitable, you can minimize the amount of confusion that they can cause. Try using double and triple sound authentication systems. These systems used to verify the sound of gunshots may be more expensive than other security measures. Still, they do their part in decreasing the likelihood of a false alarm.

Carefully Consider Sensor Placement 

You can’t ignore motion trackers or heat sensors. However, during the installation of security technology, many business owners and facility managers will not know the best places to put these devices; that’s why you must work with a vendor who employs expert technicians who know what to do, and where to place the sensors for maximum efficiency. After all, stopping active shooters requires a prudent investment of time, money, labor, and other similar resources.

Link Up with Emergency Responders

Whenever active shooters are on your premises, you must alert the authorities as soon as possible. By linking up with first responders, they can be dispatched to your location within minutes. Also, many security systems that have these signaling devices built-in are widely available. Establishing early warning systems and mass notification protocols is imperative, and it is something you can’t afford to overlook. 

Search for Integration Capabilities 

Likewise, spend time exploring some of the ways to integrate security technology such as video cameras and motion trackers, along with access control and lockdown initiation procedures. 

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