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Beyond Security: The Many OTHER Uses of Surveillance Systems

CCTV security camera.Surveillance systems are great. They allow you to keep a watchful eye over your home or business. Surveillance systems, even in their simplest form, are one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect a property, whether it is residential or commercial, its people and its assets. Today’s IP-based surveillance systems, meanwhile, provide security personnel with the actionable data they need to not only record events, but also predict events and put proactive security plans into place. This data has also allowed surveillance systems to transcend the world of security, proving to be a highly effective tool for a number of non-security related activities.

Beyond Security: The Many OTHER Uses of Surveillance Systems

  1. Process Control and Management: Surveillance footage is used to monitor warehouses , inventory, and loading/unloading to ensure trucks are completely and properly loaded and unloaded.
  2. Procedures Management: Video can be used in manufacturing facilities to oversee machinery and inventory levels.
  3. Access Control: Okay, so this one is security related. But video can be used to enable remote personnel to open and close gates or doors.
  4. Retail: Surveillance systems can be used to track foot traffic and analyze the effectiveness of certain displays, layouts, and advertisements and ultimately customer spending habits. Video can also be used to determine the most efficient scheduling of personnel.
  5. Education: Video can be used to manage foot traffic and the flow of students, analyzing bottlenecks that form at certain points throughout the campus, and view traffic flow as parents drop off and pick up students each day.
  6. Maintenance: Video allows maintenance personnel to identify problems before dispatching staff.
  7. Crowd Control: Video can even assist with crowd control during concerts and other special events.
  8. And So Much More!

Additional benefits include:

  • With so many uses nowadays, it is easier to see the return on investment of surveillance systems.
  • Surveillance systems, even with their more sophisticated uses, are becoming easier and more intuitive to operate.

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How to Use Surveillance beyond the Security Department Security Magazine

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