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The Evolution of Surveillance Cameras & the Security Industry in Baltimore

ARK_March 28The Security Industry is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to Surveillance Cameras and surveillance technology. Each and every year, we see the security industry announce its newest, “biggest” surveillance system, in terms of video management software (VMS) and scalability.

The first generation of VMS products, 1.0 VMS, was basically recorder software independent of a hardware platform. Now, 2.0 VMS not only performs basic recording, but also hundreds of other features, as well. And these features are not just focused on the cameras, but also help provide overall systems functionality, such as user management, mobile clients, and date security. On top of these additional features, 2.0 VMS products are also able to scale to thousands of surveillance cameras under a single video management system.

Perhaps the biggest enabling technology driving this dramatic increase in scalability is hardware virtualization software from Microsoft or VMWare. These software technologies provide significant management capabilities and can completely eliminate the hardware performance bottlenecks that plague the NVR/DVR and VMS 1.0 product segments.

The end result is a much more functional and cost-effective surveillance system. And the resulting returns on investment (ROI) are significant. As a result, the VMS 2.0 market is expected to continue to grow over the next few years, adding even more management capabilities.

Surveillance Cameras & the Security Industry in Baltimore

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Updates in Video Management Software Highlight Scalability


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