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Biometric basics

Biometric identification, as this article describes, is being used more and more for security purposes.  Privacy concerns hindered development prior to the Sept. 11 attacks, but some biometric technology such as fingerprinting and DNA identification made inroads.  Now, there are a wide variety of biometric technologies available for access control and other security purposes.

There are several parts of the human body that, like fingerprints, are unique for each person.  Biometric ID makes use of this biological information to identify or confirm the identity of a person.  Other unique identifiers include retinal and iris features, hand geometry, facial features, and ear shape.  Biometric ID works better than security cards and codes because biological features can’t be transferred and are harder to fake.

We’re experts in the field of designing and installing biometric ID systems.  If you want to improve the security of your organization through the use of biometrics, contact us.

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