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How Bluetooth Smartphones are Being Used to Improve Physical Security

The number of uses for smartphones is seemingly limitless. And as mobile devices have been configured for the purposes of physical security, smartphones are now being used as the key to remote monitoring and access control. Learn how bluetooth-enabled smartphones are improving physical security in this week’s blog.

Bluetooth Smartphones and Physical Security

Bluetooth smartphones are quickly becoming popular for access control because they essentially contain all of the components that you would want in an access control system. The difference is that while an access control system usually only has one of these components, a bluetooth phone has all three.

These are: something you have, something you know, and something unique to you. In a traditional access control system, the thing you have might be a key, the thing you know might be a PIN, and something that is unique to you would be a biometric input such as a fingerprint. A bluetooth phone has all three of these components. Your phone being the thing you have, a PIN number you key in on your phone being the thing you know, and the phone’s unique ID being unique to you.

Security, Simplified

There are a number of advantages to bluetooth smartphone access control. For one, it negates the need to a physical key that could be lost or stolen. Key inventory can also be monitored and adjusted as needed from a single application used by a security administrator.

The fact that everything is done virtually also leaves an audit trail that makes a number of security processes easier to accomplish. Records of access show a clear picture of who was where and when they were there. This is essential for meeting security compliance requirements.

Bluetooth access control also takes advantage of the cloud, and allows access control to be handled through a remote server as opposed to having to physically wire it into existing networks.

bluetooth access control

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