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How IP Security is Making Hospitals Safer

Logistically, hospitals are among the most difficult kind of facilities to manage. Hospitals are often located on large campuses involving several buildings which see the use of thousands of employees and patients on a non-stop 24/7 cycle. Coordinating the workings of a hospital while maintaining security is no small task, and it’s also an endless one. Fortunately, IP technology and IP video security are introducing new standards into the concept of hospital security, making them safer and more efficient for all.


How IP Security is Making Hospitals Safer

To discuss how IP cameras are making hospitals safer, it’s useful to understand why hospitals have been such avid adopters of this technology. Many hospitals already have advanced IP network infrastructures in places to move large volumes of information locally and digitally. Not only does this make it easier for information to get where it needs to go, it also provides an existing network that can be utilized by IP security cameras.

IP security cameras are used to oversee countless processes in hospitals. The technological advancements they hold over CCTV cameras not only provide better image quality and easier recording and storage, but also allow these cameras to play an active (as opposed to a passive CCTV) role in hospital security. In addition to general security, let’s take a look at some of the more case-specific ways IP cameras are making hospitals safer.

Conflict Resolution

Visitors and patients may sustain or claim to sustain injuries such as slip-and-falls, the blame of which they may place on the hospital. IP security gives crisp and precise images that show exactly what happened, ensuring that claims both valid and invalid are dealt with appropriately.

Drug Diversion

Drug diversion, or the pilfering of prescription drugs by staff or other persons, is a problem in many hospitals. Not only can IP cameras record this activity, they can also deter it by alerting security personnel when a suspicious person has been loitering in a pharmacy, dispensing area, or loading dock.

Emergency Rooms

According to Security Today, “One of the greatest areas of vulnerability is a hospital’s emergency department (ED) where most incidents of violence occur. Risk occurrences often arise when large groups crowd the lobby to wait for news about friends or family. Video and analytics software can be used to count the number of people who enter and exit, and alert security personnel when crowds exceed a defined size.


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