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Taking Control with Access Control Systems

As innovation and technological developments bring new security technologies to the market, access control is cementing its status as an integral part of a comprehensive security solution. Access control systems allow for complete control over countless functions in a facility. From the management of HVAC systems to visitor management, video surveillance, and alarm systems, access control dictates many vital operations in a facility. With new technology, access control is becoming more customizable, more responsive, more scalable, and even backwards compatible. In this week’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the ways access control systems have advanced in recent times.


Customized Access Control

Different kinds of facilities have different requirements with regard to access control. One size does not fit all. This necessitates the ability for access control to be customizable in able to meet the needs of a diverse user base. From Security Today: “Solutions designed for correctional facilities can include integration with key control or guard tour systems. Systems designed for use in government facilities provide support for PIV I, PIV II, TWIC and CAC (Legacy, Transition and Endpoint) cards, as well as FIPS 201-compliant controllers configured to accept data formats from 18 to 256 bits to provide unprecedented versatility within the PIV II specification.”


Backwards Compatibility and Scalability

Scalability is important for any complex architecture, and access control systems are no exception. New access control systems are more scalable than ever before. Backwards compatibility, though not always a viable option, is becoming more feasible, and is allowing the use of legacy systems alongside new systems. New systems can even be used to control legacy systems, without having to spend time removing and replacing existing infrastructure.


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