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How Network Technology is Changing Access Control Systems

Network IP technology is bringing great advancements access control systems, allowing them to far outpace the capabilities of old analog access control systems. Many of the advantages of IP video surveillance such as scalability, flexibility and open sourcing are also available for IP-based access control. In this blog, we’ll cover new developments in IP access control systems, and how they benefit everyone in the industry, most importantly, the end user.


Network IP-Based Access Control Systems


One of the biggest differences between analog access control and IP access control is the non-proprietary nature of IP-based systems. Many analog systems are installed by one provider using proprietary technology. This results in several inconveniences for the user. First, the user must stick with this provider for any maintenance or upgrades to the system. Second, while analog systems are somewhat scalable, they are often scalable only in certain increments. For example, access control systems are often designed to manage 4, 8, 16, or 32 doors maximum, making it difficult if the needs of the user fall outside of these parameters. Third, wiring for analog systems creates physical infrastructure problems that make installation more difficult, and ultimately more expensive.


Network-based access control systems solve all of these problems. Installation requirements are much more flexible, and new access control points can be added in increments of 1 instead of 4 or 8. Because they use open source network technology, IP-systems are also more easy to “plug and play”, and allow users to shop around for the best available option instead of getting stuck with a proprietary system. Perhaps most significantly, IP access control systems can interact with other security systems that are on the same network such as video surveillance, allowing for a more integrated and comprehensive security system.


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