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How to Maximize Security in Your School

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You can maximize the security in your school through simple methods that give everyone a role in protecting school grounds.

Having a strong, well-integrated security system is important in any school to help keep it safe and secure. However, school security should not start and stop at the security systems in place. There are a lot of ways to amplify school security on a day-to-day basis through smart technology, communication strategies, and important training for faculty and staff. By taking steps in fostering a better school environment, you will be doing a lot to keep your school safer for everyone.

Utilize Evidence-Based Strategies

Unfortunately, due to highly publicized school shootings, many schools opt for security strategies and systems based on these series of events. The problem with this is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of school security, and these reactive measures are often not well thought out and create more problems than they solve. Taking the time to carefully and thoughtfully consider evidence-based strategies will help you develop a system for your school that legitimately lowers its risk of a school shooting and other forms of school violence. You can find resources on evidence-based strategies online, or discuss your options with a security professional.

Take Faculty Training Seriously

Security is at a major advantage when everyone is trained to spot problems and has a way to quickly and easily report them to security personnel or administration. Have your faculty go through a training program that teaches them how to identify problems such as bullying, or other problematic behaviors that could lead to school violence. Fostering a better school environment can do more than many people think to lower violence rates. As an added bonus, it raises student morale and helps them to feel safer.

Give Students a Voice

The most important part of any school is the students, Security measures are put in place to protect them, and their feelings about their school environment should always be taken into consideration. It is also critical to give them a way to report problematic behavior. They are your eyes and ears on the ground, and they will often spot troubling behavior from their peers first. Students are more likely to make reports about issues if they can do so anonymously through a phone app, text message, or website. Giving them a quick and easy way to make their voice heard or send in reports can help them to feel more secure and comfortable in their school environment.

Tailor Your Security to Your School

One of the more difficult aspects of school security is developing an integrated web of security that is tailored to the school’s needs and doesn’t go overboard. It might sound strange, the idea of security that can go overboard, but it can and does happen. In some cases, security is set up in ways that violate student privacy, such as having video surveillance in bathrooms and locker rooms. In other cases, the web of security brings back too much data to security personnel or administrators and they struggle to make sense of it. This can cause an excess of false alarms or missed problems because there was too much data to sift through. Communication also needs to be carefully managed between all involved parties such as students, faculty, administrators, security personnel, and law enforcement. Ensuring that these systems are well-integrated without overburdening whoever is monitoring them is the key to success and a security systems professional can help your school determine what it needs to keep security tight without creating a problematic environment for students and staff.


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