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How IP Video Technology is Transforming Public Transportation Security

The need for high performing security solutions in public transportation systems has never been greater than it is now. The growth of public transport in recent years has caused an influx of ridership across the country, putting a strain on already obsolete analog systems. Furthermore, in a post-9/11 world, public transportation systems are potential targets for terrorist activity. IP video security offers the performance and solutions that modern public transportation systems need to be able to maintain a safe and secure environment for all users and employees.

How IP Video Technology is Transforming Public Transportation Security

Mobile Solutions

Mobile security solutions with IP video are well beyond the prototype stage. Security users everywhere are taking advantage of the ability of mobile security integration and connectivity to connect what’s happening on the camera with those who need the footage in real time, wherever they may be. Cameras on a bus, for example, can stream live video to security personnel on their mobile devices. When personnel need to respond to a security situation, they can examine and analyze the situation ahead of time, allowing them to create a plan of action and better deal with the event once they reach its location.

Faster Footage Retrieval

Another area in which IP video is improving public transportation security is in retrieval of stored footage. In older systems, footage was often stored locally, which meant that if one wanted access to the footage they would have to physically go to the local storage unit (on a bus, for example) remove it, and bring it to a location where it could be viewed. With IP video technology, video is recorded live in a database, where it can be accessed immediately from any location using a mobile device.

Video Analytics Improve Operations

IP video technology is also taking operational abilities of public transportation places where analog video never could have gone. Using video management software and video analytics, users can see detailed analysis of ridership trends. Analytics can pinpoint times of peak ridership over time, enabling dispatchers to run extra trains or buses to accommodate the extra riders. Conversely, if ridership is low, the system can save money by sending fewer transport units as less are needed.

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