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Using Forensic Video Data For Campus Security

The security of university campuses is no small task. Campuses can cover many acres and see the ingress and egress of thousands of students, staff, and faculty every day. IP video technology and video analytics are taking campus security to the next level and making every facet of security easier. From planning to action to post-analysis, new video security technology is giving campus security teams an advantage like they’ve never had before, and forensic video data is one of the main factors. So what role does forensic video data play in university campus security? These days, just about all of them.

Forensic Video Data and Campus Security

Forensic video data is essentially all of the data that new IP video systems make available to the user. “It represents audio and video content, content stream data, location-based information, relevant IP addresses, recording time, system time and any other information attached to a digital file.” This kind of data collection was not only impossible with CCTV cameras, it was inconceivable. But with IP cameras and systems, not only is it possible, but it’s driving the security capabilities they offer.

There are many areas in which forensic video data can be put to use specifically on university campuses. One example is in the surveillance of entry and egress points that receive high amounts of traffic at certain points during the day. Using a people counter, video analytics software can determine when traffic is at a high level, and adjust the frame rate and stored resolution of the camera or cameras in the area accordingly. Whereas CCTV cameras would have struggled to maintain a clear view of the scene during times of high traffic, IP cameras cab adjust themselves accordingly to keep pace with the traffic and produce a better image quality. So, if a video sequence or individual frame needs to be analyzed, forensic analysis will have a high-quality image with which to work.

Another example of the use of forensic video data in campus security is in surveillance of low-light areas. There may be areas of campus that are not well lit such as the far corner of a parking lot or the side of a building. New IP cameras can deliver improved image quality in these situations that CCTV cameras would not have been able to provide. These improved images can allow for detailed forensic analysis and a meaningful result that otherwise might not have been achievable.

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