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It’s Time to Consider the Power of 8K for Your Security Cameras

It’s Time to Consider the Power of 8K for Your Security Cameras
Security cameras can help keep your premises safe – it doesn’t matter if it is a school campus or a retail store.

Security cameras can help keep your premises safe – it doesn’t matter if it is a school campus or a retail store. The march of technology is an ongoing opportunity to make sure every stakeholder can feel safe while around your location. Televisions have always been improving since their earliest days when families would gather around while enjoying microwave dinners (“TV dinners”); these days, higher resolution cameras utilizing 8K technology are now available, and making use of them can be a huge boon for you. 

Using More Pixels to Ensure Top-Tier Security 

Never underestimate the power of digital technology. In this case, paying attention to the number of pixels your cameras can provide help, since higher-definition images are clearer and have more fidelity. Panning, zooming, and cropping are more than fancy image manipulation techniques – they are a valid consideration when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your existing security cameras. Zooming in, even a little bit, can lead to image degradation – where it becomes too blurry, pixelated, or corrupted to understand what is happening. Thus, the authorities can’t identify faces or license plates; 4K represents four HD images, so it stands to reason that 8K is even more impressive. You would be right – 8K security cameras can hold 16 HD images at once. 

8K Considerations 

So now let’s talk more about 8K considerations when you need to upgrade your current camera apparatus. For starters, it is important to think about the wants and needs of your customers and clients. At the same time, finances could present a problem – you might not have enough money in your budget to update your security cameras with the latest technological advances. Faster connections and increased data storage capabilities are essential. Bandwidth also needs to be distributed carefully to avoid disrupting your system. Larger venues such as stadiums and arenas can benefit from this upgrade as well, even if many places are still only sparsely populated due to social distancing guidelines. 

Using Better Camera Technology Can Change the Way You Work 

Businesses, government agencies, schools, and public institutions such as hotels and hospitals all require better camera technology to help enforce security measures – with facial covering mandates more pressing than ever before, now security cameras are responsible for more than detecting intruders or monitoring employee activity. 

Examining A Specific Example 

Here is a specific example that you can consider as you move forward: Hanwha Techwin spotlighted their newest product: the TNB-9000. What’s special about this platform is that it has an oversized sensor that enables a sensor-shift functionality. Higher framerates are used to produce higher-resolution images even in low light or other adverse conditions. 

Using Video Management Systems to Their Full Potential

We also recommend integrating video management systems into your protocols for operating and maintaining security camera networks. Special software can work with higher-megapixel-based images to facilitate such functions and features such as panning, cropping, and pushing-in as necessary.   

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