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New Generation of Access Control Can Bolster Security

Over the past few decades, physical access control solutions (PACS) have remained virtually unchanged. PACS are designed to prevent unauthorized user access and also play an important role in responses to incidents and emergencies. The main function of the system, that is, granting or denying access, has traditionally been housed in hardware that is made available throughout an organization. This design is becoming more outdated as IP-based network solutions have entered the market. Learn more about PACS and IP-based security in this week’s blog.


Investing in new technology can bolster your security.

New Generation of Access Control Can Bolster Security

The main drawback to PACS is that their architecture excludes them from integration with other systems and they are unable to support complex processes for authentication. Real-time authorization and authentication are nearly impossible with hardware-based PACS and this leaves them vulnerable. In order to integrate these types of processes, systems managers are forced to either purchase or create application solutions, which is unfeasible for most PACS users. PACS also require a significant upfront investment as well as steep ongoing costs, making them an expensive investment over the long-term.

However, over the past few years, software-based critical business system technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and has become accessible to most users. These types of systems use existing infrastructure to implement similar benefits to traditional PACS at a fraction of the cost. IP-based access control are also capable of collecting real-time data and use cutting edge technology to mitigate risks and threats. Gathered information can be easily shared with others during an emergency, allowing effective and efficient system management.

It is not an easy task to switch from traditional hardware-based PACS to IT-centric technology as they are built on entirely different frameworks. The learning curve may be steep for managers of traditional PACS. However, because implementing networked access control allows organizations greater control over their physical safety, it is a worthwhile effort to take into consideration.

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