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Private, Cloud-Based Managed Surveillance Systems: The Future of Security?

There are exciting things happening in the IT industry, from wireless, DVR, and IP technology to cloud computing. The face of surveillance systems are changing. And one of the biggest steps forward will be Private, Cloud-Based Managed Surveillance Systems.

These systems are deployed onsite, uses the customer’s own dedicated hardware and software, but managed and maintained by the service provider. This is the best of both worlds for consumers who have control over hardware and software choices, but don’t have to deploy, manage, or maintain these systems themselves.

Additional Benefits of Private, Cloud-Based Managed Surveillance Systems

  • Allows you to reduce your locally deployed hardware footprint.
  • Utilize highly trained security professionals for the operation, management, and maintenance of your surveillance system.
  • Private, cloud-based surveillance systems are incredibly flexible and scalable, allowing your security system to grow with your business.
  • Private cloud systems are more economical than public cloud-based surveillance systems, which require large, upfront capital investments.
  • And so much more!

Surveillance Systems from ARK Systems

At ARK systems, we are committed to innovative designs and ideas supported by the implementation of high quality integrated electronic systems and infrastructure. We are constantly striving to expand into the newest proven technologies available that build upon our highly trained technical staff and skilled craftsmen.

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Source: How to Manage Surveillance Over the Private Cloud

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