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How safe is your Building? Is it more secure than the White House?

Aside from Fort Knox, what would you say is the most secure government building in the United States? You may think the White House. Well, think again. In 2009, two undisclosed individuals were able to crash a state dinner hosted by President Barack Obama. Luckily, no one was harmed. But the intrusion did expose “significant security gaps,” according to Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser and assistant to the President on Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement.

“The security system should have been more diligent,” she added.

Still, just two weeks later, a couple was mistakenly allowed access to a Veterans breakfast hosted by the President and the First Lady. Again, luckily no one was harmed. The couple was accidently ushered into the event instead of the White House tour they were supposed to be on.

But both events raised serious questions about the state of security at the White House.

“If you can get into the White House, you can breach access anywhere,” said the corporate director of security for Freeman, John Sileo.

So what is the problem? Well, according to a 2009 International Data Corporation survey of 400 high-level security managers throughout the U.S., United Kingdom, France, and Germany, the biggest threat to your security is contract workers and temporary staff.

Still, no matter how many temporary workers you hire, access control is the key!

Tips for Improving your Security

1. Have a system in place for vetting outside employees.

2. Educate outside employees about your security standards and practices.

3. Limit and clearly define access points for outside employees.

4. Consider employing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system to better track outside workers.

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Source: Best Practices to Manage Access for Temporary and Contract Workers

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