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Proximity Card Access Systems

What is a proximity access card?

A proximity access card is a card about the size of your driver’s license that can open and activate doors so that the holder of the card can enter. Embedded in the card is a specific binary code that has a particular sequence that makes the card unique.

What is the proximity card access system?

As this article details, a user needs more than just their access card in order to activate a door in this system. Other items in this system are a card reader, an access control panel, and a computer to power the system. As a combined unit the system functions just like a security officer that reviews credentials and allows specified cardholders access to the space at certain times of the day.

How does this proximity card access system work?

Once the code on the card is picked up by the code reader, it transfers the code to the control panel, where it is analyzed to see if the cardholder is authorized to enter the area. After the control panel receives the data, it processes the code. First, it analyzes the length of the data string and the format of the code. Then, if the coding fits the panel it reviews the facility code and the site code. All of these things must match in order for the cardholder to enter the area.

If the card matches all of the necessary criteria, the controller reviews the card number. This number may be relegated to certain times and days of access. If everything matches the lock relay will be activated and the door to the area will be opened.

If for some reason something in the criteria does not match, the control panel will not authorize the door to open. Some systems offer a response as to why the door could not be opened—others do not.The proximity card access system can be modified through the computer (for those who maintain it). An authorized person can update cardholder information, enable and disable card activation, configure door access hardware and provide information about system use.

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