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Multispectral Technologies: Infrared Sensors More Than Night Vision

One of the many improvements made on infrared (IR) cameras in the last decade is multispectral technology.  This feature operates different sensors from the same aperture of the camera and sometimes from the same semiconductor. These sensors can detect different light spectra, IR bandwidths, blend optical and RF detectors, as well as and laser rangefinders.

This technology helps to advance IR technology with its precise aim point tracking and state of the art imaging for target recognition. Bill McGuinness, manager for advanced weapons business development, and Northrop Grumman Electronic Sensors and Systems Division, in Baltimore explains, “We own the night. The next issue in the weapons community is owning the weather, owning the obscurants, and owning the jamming environment – whether that be GPS [Global Positioning System], or IR countermeasures.” In other words, the multispectral technologies bring users closer to more intuitive equipment.

Having a multispectral sensor improves IR by enriching the amount of data captured and reduces the need to filter unwanted or unknown information as “noise.” It also lessens the overall cost of your camera because the user does not have to run automatic target recognition and process the imagery of a whole scene. Rather you can save time and money by minimizing the processing power with a multispectral technology. This type of lens allows you to focus on your target by eliminating a lot of your scene. It recognizes the images that are not your target as a non-target, thus minimizing your process load. IR technologies are always being improved and adapted to meet the needs of their users.  But clearly, multispectral sensors are an advancement that is here to stay.

For more information on IR technologies and advances visit this article. To learn about multispectral technologies and improvements in security technology contact ARK Systems, Inc.

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