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School Security: Reassessing the Effectiveness of School Security Measures

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, it is no wonder that many schools are beginning to reassess their security measures. President Barack Obama even called for “meaningful action” that would help prevent future tragedies.


So what are schools across the nation doing in response?

1. Natick, Massachusetts: School officials have announced that the front door of each school will be locked and personnel will be positioned at every entrance.

2. Maryland Schools: Throughout Maryland, schools have not only begun to reassess their security measures, but they are also making counselors available for students to help them cope with the recent school shootings and answer any questions they may have.

3. Medford, Massachusetts: The school district has announced that it will be upgrading its video surveillance and access control systems.

4. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Teachers and other school officials met with parents to address any questions they had about school security and the safety of their children.

5. Passaic, New Jersey: The School district is not only reevaluating its security systems, but police were on hand following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings to practice safety drills.

6. Totowa, New Jersey: School officials are looking into the installation of bullet-proof glass, metal doors, security cameras and a key-card system for its schools. The school district is also planning on posting police officers at the schools during lunch hours.

7. Woodland, New Jersey: The school district is reviewing its current security system and addressing how they currently handle visitors.

So how secure is your campus?

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