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Securing our Schools: What we learned from the Sandy Hook Shooting

During the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, shooter Adam Lanza, 20, forced his way into the school’s front entrance, an entrance that was locked and equipped with an intercom and camera system designed to screen visitors. So what could the school have done differently?

Securing our Schools: Security Tips for Schools and Educational Institutions

1. Security Assessment: First and foremost, conduct a site assessment to determine the strengths and deficiencies in your schools current security.

2. Security Fence: Installing fences that are difficult to climb or cut can help improve security.

3. Supervision: Entrances should be well supervised and in the open.

4. Locks: Makes sure all door locks, handles, and thresholds are institutional grade.

5. Door Sensors: Install sensors to alert staff when an entrance is open.

6. One Entry Point: Once school begins, the front door should bhe the only point of entry for visitors and vendors.

7. Monitor Visitors: Visitors should be made to check in at the front office.

8. Intercom and Camera System: An intercom and camera can be used to verify a visitor’s identity before allowing access.

9. Emergency Notification: Teachers and staff should be equipped with emergency notification technology.

10. Panic Alarm: Office staff should have access to a panic alarm in case of emergency.

11. Visitor Management System: It is important to verify that visitors allowed to visit campus before allowing access.

12. Training: It is crucial to train teachers and staff on what to do in emergency situations.This is where drills come into play.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, educational institutions across the nation are rethinking the way they do security.

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Source: 16 Steps to Better School Front Entrance Security

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