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Security & Human Errors: Eliminate your Weak Link by automating the Process

When it comes to your access control system, what do you think is the weakest link? Odds are that manual processes could be holding your security system back, especially when it comes to physical identity management and identity enrollment. Human errors leads to inefficiency, inaccuracy, and, ultimately, increased risk.

Common Access Control Risks

  1. Misspelling: When an identity is not properly on boarded, it can create future problems. This is not only a nuisance, but a security risk and can lead to an individual not being accounted for in the system.
  2. Identity Verification: When information is input incorrectly, an identity management system, which automatically cross-checks the identity against a third-party background checks, cannot do its job properly. This can lead to the approval of an individual who appears on one of these watch lists.
  3. Off-Boarding: When an identity is not properly off-boarded, the consequences can be severe. The results: an unauthorized person is granted continued access.
  4. Data Silo: Manual process create a separate data silo, meaning they are less likely to be integrated into the enterprise identity management system.
  5. And much more!

How does your access control and identity management system stack up?

ARK Systems: An Industry Leader in Security System Design and Installation

At ARK Systems, we’re an industry leader in security design, installation and service. Our equipment is strictly best-in-class and our implementation is skillful and efficient—a fact that we’ve proven for over 30 years, at government facilities, research centers, corporate campuses, high-rises, educational institutions, and so much more!

In every field, we have engineers with the highest certification, including network engineers and RCDDs, along with certified fire alarm engineers.

For any further questions on Security Systems and Access Control, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

ARK Systems, Inc., is dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality and excellence in data communications, video, sound, fire and security alarm systems.

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Four Risks in Manual Identity Enrollment

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