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The Importance of Audio in Security Systems

The importance of audio in security systems cannot be overstated, though unfortunately it often falls by the wayside compared to video. This is somewhat understandable, because for a long time audio lagged behind video in terms of performance, and audio features were not always available in conjunction with video surveillance. Now, however, audio capabilities have caught up to video, and together the two make a powerful security team. Adding audio to a security system essentially adds an whole new source of data for collection, analysis, interpretation, and application. While video may have dominated security in the past, security providers and end users alike are now realizing the potential of audio in security solutions.


How Audio Advances Security

Audio collection capabilities have significantly improved in recent years, making them a not only viable, but necessary component of a comprehensive security solution. Of course, audio quality has improved many fold, and the ability to store this data in the cloud both for analysis and easy distribution has made security management systems that much more powerful. But that’s not all audio can do.

New developments brought about by network-based security solutions have taken audio capabilities to the next level. Two-way communication has turned audio systems from passive collection systems into active engagement systems. Security monitors can use two-way audio to question suspicious persons in restricted areas in real time. Not only does this immediately confront the threat, it does so without putting security personnel in danger. Now that’s smart security.

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