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The Security Flaw Leaving Wi-Fi Networks Vulnerable


Securing your Wi-Fi networks is more important than ever before.

Security researchers have revealed disturbing details about the massive flaw in Wi-Fi security networks. In fact, called KRACK, hackers have the capability of eavesdropping on traffic between different computers and wireless access points. This security hole takes advantage of several key management vulnerabilities in the WPA2 security protocol. Now, the once favorite and seemingly secure authentication scheme used to protect people and enterprise Wi-Fi networks is no longer as reliable as was once thought.

The Terrible Attack

This type of attack doesn’t actually recover the victim’s Wi-Fi password. A successful attack reinstalls the encryption key that is already in use. As a result, due to a flaw in the WPA2, it can be used to remotely decrypt traffic.

All Devices Are Affected

This attack is not just subject to computers. It can also affect any device using Wi-Fi including but not limited to your phone, tablet, and gaming console. Researchers claim that if your devices support Wi-Fi, they could be affected. These days, even some smart crockpots use Wi-Fi, which can lead to people getting access to a variety of information that you want to be protected. This flaw was found by researchers Mathy Vanhoef, from the imec-DistriNet research group at the KU Leuven University. These security researchers claimed that depending on the type of encryption protocols one uses consistently, the attacks can range from severe to worse. In some specific cases, the attacker will only be able to decrypt your traffic, while in other instances they might just be able to take over your connection entirely.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, being mindful of how security breaches can occur can go a long way towards protecting your businesses information from hackers. In fact, understanding the flaws in network security systems is really the only way professionals can work to make them better and more secure in the future. While this flaw is quite massive, software updates can serve to protect all your devices from a potential hack or breach of Wi-Fi systems.

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