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The True Power of Audio Capture

Take a few minutes to contemplate the surveillance methods you use. How else do you keep your property safe?

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Investing in more sophisticated audio capture technology is well worth the usage of resources that you may initially cause you to hesitate to do so.

Without sound, you’re losing a dimension of coverage. That can be a disadvantage when a potential intruder or other violent and illegal incident takes place. As valuable as video surveillance is (and reinforced physical or biometric security, for that matter), investing in more sophisticated audio capture technology is well worth the usage of resources that you may initially cause you to hesitate to do so. 

Audio Capture Enhances Your Decision-Making 

There’s little doubt that audio capture technology enhances the way you make your choices. Decision points are crucial, and the wrong move at the wrong time can only make bad situations worse. When it comes to observing suspicious activity, the conventional method is to only rely on video footage. The audio aspect is also valuable because it provides a fuller picture of what is going on before your eyes. This capability prevents security personnel from interacting with the subjects of the video when nothing problematic is happening. Plus, using analytics software contributes to better situational awareness. Having security teams at the ready is always smart, but why work harder when you can work smarter?  

Using Audio-In To Go Above and Beyond 

Audio capture is more versatile than you might think. By using audio-in, you can elevate your surveillance capabilities. Motion detectors and sound detectors can work together to identify where footsteps are coming from when someone has entered a restricted area. Perhaps only employees can go back, or managers at a particular seniority level. Camera lenses can be smeared by rain, fog, or insect presence. However, sound systems can still provide live coverage of an area being surveilled even when the camera can’t “see.” That’s why microphones are so important, even though they might be easy to dismiss at first. Furthermore, when there is no sound, and there should be, microphones can tell the difference. 

Potential Setbacks To Overcome 

As with many other instances of security technology, there will be some problems to address. Even for the most reliable devices, functionality can sometimes become dysfunctional. Local bylaws, state regulations, and federal legislation can, at a fundamental level, make this type of surveillance much more difficult to mount and operate. The same rules might not apply in neighboring states. In any case, permits will probably need to be obtained. 

Then, determining where to place the listening device becomes a thorny issue. The camera and the microphone must cover the same area. If they can’t, you’ll have to get more creative and follow unconventional wisdom.   


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