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Thermal Cameras: Quickly Gaining Popularity in the Security Industry

The role of security cameras are crucial in the overall security of a building or facility, especially the monitoring of the building’s perimeter. However, there are certain conditions in which even the best security cameras cannot perform up to expectations. Because of this, thermal cameras are quickly gaining popularity in the security industry for their ability to detect faint heat signatures in conditions that would blind traditional security cameras.

Benefits of Thermal Cameras

  • Nighttime Security Imaging: Low light or no light, thermal cameras get the job done. Thermal cameras are not dependent on any visible light. Because of this, unlike traditional security cameras, thermal cameras do not need auxiliary lighting to be affective at night. As you can imagine, without the need to install additional light sources, thermal cameras help keep your costs down.
  • See What You Cannot: Thermal security cameras have the added benefit of allowing you to see what your eyes otherwise could not. Thermal cameras detect faint heat signatures and turn them into videos that displays on security monitors.
  • And much more!

Thermal Camera Installation from ARK Systems, Inc.

  • Security Network Design: From the beginning of any project, large or small, ARK is ready to design the solution that’s best. In every field, we have engineers with the highest certification, including network engineers and RCDDs, along with certified fire alarm engineers.
  • Security Network Installation: When it comes to installing building systems, ARK does it all. And we do it with an unsurpassed commitment to quality. We’ve got 30 years’ experience under our belts, and we’re extremely well versed in the latest technologies, including thermal cameras.

ARK Systems, Inc., is dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality and excellence in data communications, video, sound, fire and security alarm systems!

For any further questions on Thermal Cameras, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

When you consider how crucial security can be, and when you think of all the options that you’re faced with today, one thing becomes clear. You need a contractor with experience. For assessment, design, installation, testing and service, ARK is the expert across the board.

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