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What’s happening with infrared technologies?

It’s been exciting to see infrared sensor technologies develop over the years. Early infrared sensors, which can provide better images than conventional CCTV cameras especially at night, were too bulky and expensive for most organizations to employ. As outlined in this article, improving technology has made infrared technology more widely available.

One major obstacle to adoption of early infrared sensors was their need to be cooled to operate effectively. These cooling systems were a major contributor to the size and expense of infrared technology. Some infrared sensors still require cryogenic cooling, but modern non-cooled systems are more efficient and return even clearer images than their predecessors.

Of even more interest to civil organizations are uncooled infrared sensors. Uncooled infrared sensors are much more reliable and less expensive than cooled sensors.

If you want to learn more about the latest infrared systems available, contact us. We can show you a variety of sensors and help you figure out which are best for your organization.

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