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3 Top Industry Challenges for 2018 as Predicted by Security Experts

A new year marks a new set of challenges for the security industry.

A new year marks a new set of challenges for theĀ security industry. However, it is also a chance to get ahead of the game. While we may not have a crystal ball to predict the toughest challenges of the future, we do have the foresight of experts in the field, which is arguably even better. A recent interview conducted by Security Sales & Integration Media asks these security experts about their predictions for industry challenges in 2018. Their answers suggest that 2018 will be a year of technological advancement, readiness, and anticipation for the next generation of security technology.

The Future is Now

Bill Bozeman, an expert from PSA Security Systems, asserts that the future is now. In this, he predicts the way in which technological advancements have led to AI (Artificial Intelligence) now running the show for integrated security systems. Although this sounds like an exciting and convenient achievement for the field, with advancements such as security robots and biometric solutions, he warns about how these new solutions will also present additional challenges for managing them. As with almost everything automated in 2018, this new technology will demand increased safety measures for cybersecurity, data protection, and the integration of these systems with existing technology over time.

A Need for Education

Advanced education is one of the best ways to ensure the growth and success of employees in any industry. Peter Giacalone of Giacalone Associates suggests that 2018 is the year to bring everyone in the security industry up to speed. He also suggests that the technological advancements of the field will yield an increased demand for employees with strong backgrounds in information technology, as the need for cybersecurity will require the right people to monitor these systems.

Privacy Protection Matters More than Ever

Although these technological advancements have allowed the industry to customize every security system to the specifications of each client, the personal information of these clients needed to customize these systems remains a topic of concern for the new year. Blake Kozak of IHS Markit notes the way in which technology such as video surveillance and location services poses new challenges for customer privacy and vulnerability to cyber threats within the system. To address these challenges, he recommends that vendors begin to develop strategies and establish best practices for combating any cyber attacks or internal issues that may jeopardize the security of these systems.

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