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Cyber Attacks On The Rise

cyber attacks

Knowing how to protect important information is crucial for security purposes.

With the breach of Netflix and hospitals In London, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly popular with cyber criminals. In fact, the Netflix breach that had 10 episodes of an original show leaked was something that led many to question the cyber security features used to protect important information such as government documents or even business data and private documents. In addition, the Netflix breach added a more severe element to the typical cyber attack by choosing to resort to extortion. In all likelihood, Netflix boasts a secure cyber procedure that was still capable of being breached. As a result, there are many lessons that all corporations can learn from the massive cyber attack that happened to Netflix.

An Infrastructure Risk

Organizations and corporate businesses really need to ensure that all the cyberinfrastructure being used to protect their most important documents and the information is secure and not outdated. In fact, the Netflix data breach should serve as a wake-up call for all businesses who have been putting off upgrading their cyber security measures. For the majority of companies, cyber defenses will simply not hold up to the increasing rise of third party vulnerabilities unless they begin to create more structured cyber security measures that allow for C-suits and boards to be restructured from the top down.

Effective Cyber Risk Management

Another important element of cyber security that companies can take away from the Netflix attack is to maintain a policy of cyber security management. In fact, implementing new procedures and protocols along with proper and continuing training of employees is another step towards more cyber security for the protection of an organization’s most important documents and data. Ideally, organizations want to simply mitigate their chances of being that target of a security breach or cyber attack. As a result, implementing new procedures and updating software and cyberinfrastructure can help to mitigate the factors associated with cyber attacks.


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