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A broader view of access control

There’s more to effective access control than just putting up some fences, cameras, and security lighting. As this article outlines, access control also encompasses determining which zones of a facility require protection and what level of protection each zone requires. Access to these protected zones almost always involves a method of identifying personnel, and there are many different ways of doing this. Here are two main categories.

Personal-recognition systems
These systems involve stationing security personnel at access points to verify the identities of those trying to enter secure areas. Often, some form of card or badge identification is part of a personal-recognition system. However, there is still a person who is examining these cards and badges before granting or denying access.

Mechanized/automated systems
These systems eliminate the need to station a person at access points. They too can incorporate card or badge identification but use automated readers rather than people to examine the cards and badges. Mechanized/automated systems also include keypads and combination locks as well as biometric devices.

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The cost and maintenance of using an automated system is less than the cost of stationing security personnel at access points. However, automated systems are less equipped to handle special situations such as authorized personnel forgetting their cards and badges or dealing with authorized guests and visitors. To help determine the appropriate type of system for your facility and to start looking at specific access control systems, contact us.

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