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Centralized Management of Security Systems: Remote Monitoring & Control

The centralized management of security systems is nothing new for large corporations. These companies have been utilizing remote monitoring and control for everything from access control to video surveillance and more for quite some time. But until recently, such a security system was impractical for small businesses due to cost. Now, with advancements in security technology, the centralized management of security systems has become more affordable than ever before.

Benefits of Centralized Management of your Company’s Security System

1. Centralized Management and Admins: Centralized management not only makes it easier to monitor and control multiple sites, but it also makes it easier to manage multiple users.

2. Leveraging the Cloud: While the cloud may seem like a scary concept to some, it allows businesses to more efficiently interact and manage their security systems. Best of all, the cloud grows along with your system and security needs.

3. Freedom & Flexibility: The ability to manage multiple locations remotely provides you with more flexibility and freedom than was ever possible with traditional security systems.

4.  Reporting: Centralized management not only gives you more control, but also improved reporting, with real-time business intelligence, analytics, and remote notifications.

5. Peace of Mind: No longer do you have to worry about your business when you are on the road. With remote monitoring from any mobile device, you can check in and receive systems notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

6. Improve Profitability: Centralized management can help improve other areas of your businesses as well, from operations, loss prevention and risk management to marketing, merchandising and customer service.

Video Surveillance Solutions from ARK Systems

From one camera to multi-camera, baseband, digital, or IP (installed on your data network), wireless systems, covert cameras, infra-red, and remote monitoring and archiving, ARK Systems handles it all, with skill and experience. Plus, our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) options are more impressive than ever.

With ARK Systems, centralized management is now simple and secure!

For any further questions on Centralized Management of Security Systems, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

No matter how many options are out there, you still need the right one. Start by opting for the contractor with over 30 years’ experience…ARK Systems! We are dedicated to providing unsurpassed quality and excellence in data communications, video, sound, fire and security alarm systems.

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