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Video Analytics: Security Dreams finally become Reality

Until recently, actionable video analytics had been little more than a security operator’s dream. The technology just was not there to produce the desired results. However, as technology has improved and those dreams began to come down to Earth, the two met in the middle and today’s video analytics were born.

Now, what was once only possible in movies has become reality as security and loss prevention professionals use video analytics to produce very real results.

Basic Video Analytics Features

  • Video Motion Detection: VMD has been around for a while, utilized by almost every IP-based digital surveillance system. Traditional VMD technology relied on pixel change in an image as its “motion detection.” But today’s VMD technology, using the latest algorithms, acts more as a true motion detector.
  • Tampering Alarms: Today’s cameras can tell when they have been tampered with. They can tell when someone has spray painted the lens, they can tell can when the camera has been shifted, and they can alert the security operator of these changes.
  • Audio Detection: While the recording of audio is prohibited in many areas across the United States, audio detection is still a fairly widespread technology. Audio detection technology recognizes when sounds reach a certain decibel level, alerting the security operator of this occurrence.

Advanced Analytics Features

  • Cross-Line Detection: This analytics feature detects objects moving across a virtual line while moving in a specific direction.
  • Heat Mapping: Heat mapping can track traffic and consumer patterns to show hot and cold zones, allowing retailers to better layout their store.
  • People Counting: People and object counters are becoming incredibly accurate.

Futuristic Analytics Features

  • License Plate Recognition: LPR software does just that, it recognizes license plates. This technology is utilized in everything from parking garages and toll collections to after-hours checkpoints, longhaul container tracking, gas station reward programs, and so much more.
  • Fire Detection: Smoke detectors and fire alarms are nice, but they often do not detect emergencies until they are well out of hand, especially in large indoor areas. Analytics leveraging smoke and fire recognition can not only help to identify emergencies in a timely manner, but unlike smoke detectors and fire alarms, analytics can pinpoint the problem, giving first responders more actionable data.
  • Behavioral Analytics: Analytics can learn the day-to-day activities of an area and report anything out of the norm.

The future of video analytics is quite exciting!

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